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  1. Parts
    Hi, This is a CRG RC2 shorty clutch lever, model #2AN-622-H-B. I've provided all the Triumph bikes this is compatible with below. Condition looks pretty new. Retail is $110, so I'm selling this for half off. $55 shipped. Thanks. Compatible bikes: Daytona 675 2006-2015 Daytona 675R 2011, 2012...
  2. Modifications
    Hi, looking for some advice on this.. A few years ago I bought a pair of CRG RC2 levers for my Daytona 675R directly from CRG (to the UK). I fitted the clutch myself - no problems, but left the brake lever a few months before fitting. When the time came, I gave the brake lever to the workshop...
  3. The Street Triple 675!
    EDIT: With the help of everyone below, I've successfully installed independent mirror mounts that provide a Y-axis adjustment that's completely separate from our preferred lever positions. I've written a tutorial that's located here: ORIGINAL ...
  4. Performance Mods
    For xmas I got a set of 2011 shorty levers, but my bike is a base model 2010 (gift giver thought I had a 2011). Looking on most lever manufacturers webs sites, they list 2010 and 2011 as same lever. Anyone know if this part changed in those two years? The lever fits, but the cutout for the...
  5. Parts
    I have a set of used pazzo levers, they are gold in color with the black adjusters. My bike sat outside for quite some time so half the levers are faded. The other half looks good. I swapped them around so the good half is up now. See pictures. These are shorties. Asking $100 shipped
  6. General 675 discussion
    So I just put on my FP Tactical levers and there is a little vertical play maybe 2-4mm.. Closer to 4mm on clutch and 2mm on brake. Is this normal? What do you suggest I do? I don't recall this happening on the stockers. Thanks for your help
  7. Classifieds Graveyard
    i am selling a Daytona shock and Asv shorty brake lever for street triple the lever has a scrape on the end i bought the shock off of a daytona owner for my street triple he had only 1000 miles on it and i put another 200 on it before totalling the bike shock is $200 and lever is $50
1-7 of 7 Results