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  1. How To's
    Hey, I know what most of you're thinking 'another one', yep another one! Now I've got some time to spare as the riding season is coming to an end here and this way I'd like to contribute something to the forum! :thumbup: I'll try to get as many info on the oil change here as possible to answer...
  2. Routine Maintenance Questions
    so i just got some new fairings. i was wondering if its difficult to remove my current ones and put my new ones on. any help and input would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Performance Mods
    My stock headlight finally went on me. Not sure if its just the bulb or something deeper but I figure this is the perfect opportunity to upgrade to HID lights. Can anyone help me with this? I searched for a thread explaining how to (found one but the pics won't display on my work pc). Is the...
  4. Cosmetic Mods
    Hello. Few month ago i buy dameget Seat Cowl (White SE colour). Here is it: Lets take some bondo, carbon fibre cloth. black paint, clear coat and a lot of passion )))) What we get: What do you think? :coolgleamA:
1-4 of 4 Results