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  1. Gear
    Shoei GT Air Full Face Helmet Size small. Helmet in good condition. Asking $225. Domestic shipping included from Pennsylvania, USA. Never been dropped. Worn for one season.
  2. Gear
    Size small. Helmet in good condition. Asking $225. Domestic shipping included from Pennsylvania, USA. Never been dropped. Worn for one season.
  3. Gear
    Hey everyone, I have some gear that I'm selling. If the prices don't seem reasonable let me know. I'll make sure to find reliable and the cheapest shipping options to save a buyer money. I'll take Paypal, Venmo if that's what the buyer is comfortable with. Prices do not reflect shipping as...
  4. Gear
    Was really set on this helmet but need to let it go. Brand new in box, comes with breath guard, chin guard, and pinlock visor. This helmet is a size LARGE 59-60cm and weighs 2.9lbs, it doesn't even feel like wearing anything on your head. There is a double action button on the left hand side...
  5. Riding Gear
    Im not sure how many of you have heard of the new company called Skully. If not they are developing an "Augmented reality" motorcycle helmet called the AR-1. Its rediculous. It too me (being a very tech savy guy) is basically everything I could ever want. :coolgleamA: I actually went ahead and...
  6. Gear
    This is a second helmet that I purchased which was only used 4 times for a ride into Boston. The helmet is a little too large for me and it was relegated to the shelf :( This helmet was produced in October 2011. The fit and finish of the helmet is staggering. The paint does not look real and...
  7. Gear
    Hey all, I am in the process of selling my gear on CL, but I figure I'd mention it here in the event one of you are interested. I will give a forum member preference/first dibs. Check out my ad here --> Questions, just ask!!!
  8. Gear
    I have a used Icon Variant Construct helmet in size Medium with a silver/chrome mirror visor, I also have 3XL cheek pads included at no extra charge for those who use boom mics that need extra space around the mouth piece. Price: $300.00 + Shipping
  9. Gear
    Brand: Shoei Model: RF1100 Monolith Black SOLD
  10. Gear
    Hi all, I imported a Shark Speed-R Redding Replica Helmet from Germany 1 month ago. This helmet is impossible to get in the states as Shark exported so few of them to the USA. It finally arrived and well, it doesn't fit me (apparently I have a very long oval head and this shell shape is...
  11. Gear
    For sale is my brand new (only worn twice for 18 mile commute to work) NIB Bell Revolver Solid Helmet in solid matte Black, size: Large. This is a modular full face helmet with built in flip down shades (very cool and effective). I bought the helmet brand new but after just two very short rides...
  12. Gear
    EDIT: full ad with more pictures here: Hello all, I am trying to sell this helmet simply because it doesn't match my new bike. I just found the one I want for a really good price, but need to...
  13. Parts
    I am selling my all-time favorite helmet. I liked the RX7-RR4 so much, I have two. The RR4 came before the Corsair, so it fits the "round oval" head type. It just came time to replace it, so I wanted to offer it to the faithful first.:righthere: The red in this graphic matches Tornado Red...
  14. Classifieds Graveyard
    just as the title states... used for just 1600 miles while i had my '07 675, its been sitting in the box for the past year. virtually brand spankin' new! :coolgleamA: will take pics this weekend and post them up $400, shipped to lower 48. will ship worldwide for add'l calculated shipping...
  15. Riding Gear
    i'm looking to add a premium level helmet to my current low/mid-end collection and in my search, i have run across this agv gp-tech that looks really nice: none of my local dealers seem to have agv's in stock, so i'm not able to to try this or any other agv on for direct comparison. so, my...
1-16 of 16 Results