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  1. Classifieds
    Brand new in box OEM Triumph Street/Speed Triple light cluster. Plug and play. Never used, never mounted. SKU#T2701952 $265 + freight $350 + Freight all over the internet from Authorized Dealers. This is a sweet deal on a genuine factory part (not a knockoff). Taken out of box only for pictures.
  2. General 675 discussion
    Hello everyone. I recently had my 2012 675R I purchased in Japan imported here to Fort Worth, Texas a few months ago and after a long and tedious process with getting it registered, it's ready for the road! However, the beam pattern is not the ECE standard and it is hard to see at night...
  3. Routine Maintenance Questions
    What's the life expectancy of the headlight bulbs on the 2013 675R?
  4. General 675 discussion
    Hi all.. I have a problem with my headlights on my 2012 D675. I installed DDM HID headlight kits for high and low beam. They worked great.... UNTIL: I was buttoning everything up. They were wouldn't come on... moved the connector for the low beam, and they came on after a small spark at the...
  5. Cosmetic Mods
    Hey all, I'm finally going to order my HID kit from DDM Tuning at the end of this week and wanted to see if anyone else in the NYC area wants to get in on the order to split the shipping costs. I called them to see about a group rate, but they said they don't due to the already low costs of...
  6. Parts
    Brand new Apexcone HID kit. 35w slim ballast kit 6000k One H7 and one H9 for your hi and low beam Never installed and still in box. ***SOLD***
  7. Cosmetic Mods
    Hey everyone I figured I'd share with you all different style of modding in regards to HIDs by usingan H4 Hi/Lo (electromagnetic operated) bulb. Additionally, I made a pretty good Howto video of the headlight disassembly. I hope this helps somebody. I'll post pics up when that issue gets...
  8. Classifieds Graveyard
    Headlights - Currently on ebay (Email me for the link) Ram air duct and the end cap Right side middle fairing with Pearl White Paint (on ebay - email me) Stock windscreen Double bubble dark smoke windscreen Competition Werks Fender Eliminator kit High and Low HID kit - 6000K - With balasts...
  9. Modifications
    Hello fellow 675 riders. My name is Nick and changing the stock lamps will be my first mod on my Red 2006 D675. First the R&D. I noticed several users got the Dual HID System ($70.00) from but I would like to get the Dual HID System - One Hi/Lo bulb (H4)...
  10. Modifications
    Hey forum, I just bought my first triumph two weeks ago, a 2006 Daytona 675. Traded a 2007 GSXR-1000 for it. It's my 6th bike, and by far the best I've ever ridden. Anyways, my friend who already has a daytona told me about this forum so here's my first question. I, like many others here...
1-10 of 10 Results