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  1. Performance Mods
    Would there be any noticeable performance difference between these options?
  2. Performance Mods
    Greetings I was wondering if anyone had any leads for where I could find performance headers for my 09’ Daytona 675? I already have a GPR slip on so I didn’t want to spend $1400 on a full Akropovic system just to use the headers. For this, I was hoping to find catless headers on their own or to...
  3. Repair/Troubleshooting
    Hello all, Over the past two weeks I have noticed a strange sound coming front section of my 06 Daytona. It is like a mechanical "whirring" sound after you rev the bike. The bike still rides just fine but you can hear that noise whenever the throttle is open. I have attached a video link if...
  4. Parts
    Need to clear up some space, so some stuff will need to go. -Parts have between 2.5-3k miles on them. Shipping to lower 48. -OEM Headers: SOLDDDD -OEM Muffler with Cowling 80 picked up -OEM SAI Parts: 50 shipped -OEM Tail Light: 35 shipped -OEM Whale Tail (wires cut for integrated tail) 30...
  5. Parts
    i have a few things i need to sell: tor exhaust with carbon tip 300$ obo full stock exhaust: headers 100$ obo stock midpipe and can 50$ obo stock turn signals and brake light 25$ obo jardine fender eliminator kit 30$ obo ill put some pictures up later just need to borrow a digital camera...
  6. Modifications
    I had the Thunderbike end can installed with Arrow map as per instruction and PC3, went back to standard setup for a while (running out of points on license), now going back Thunderbike end can (got some points back:grin:). Ran it up on dyno and 20bhp down. Seemingly having arrow map on...
1-6 of 6 Results