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  1. Maintenance and repair
    I installed a fender eleminator kit last week and disconnected the battery before doing so. When I was done everything worked but the check engine light was on. I hoped after a few cycles it would clear itself but no such luck. I pulled up the tank today and noticed a disconnected wiring...
  2. Maintenance and repair
    Im looking for anyone who can email me a copy of their service and repair manual. I have the one that came with my bike, but I'mneeding the one that goes more in depth with the motor and wire harness specifically. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Parts
    Misc. Parts for sale include shipping...Lower 48 only. Shipping worldwide is possible, message me and I'll try to work something out. Please don't waste my time with LOW-BALL OFFERS. Take that shit to Ebay. USED Alpinestars Trigger One-Piece Suit $250 *See attached photos USED Rear Pegs $40...
  4. Parts
    Hey all, I bought a set of Canyon Dancer bar harness straps when I first picked up my Daytona. The harness is in perfect condition. I used them no more than 5 times (probably less) to get the bike to/ from the track before I purchased my own trailer and a Pit-Bull trailer restraint system...
  5. Performance Mods
    Fellow Triumphers; I have been installing the Daytona 675 kit/race harness and ECU this weekend on my track bike and removing all the junk that goes along with emissions and noise control (hooray!). Gone are the intake flap and solenoid, vacuum reservior, side stand switch, front and rear...
1-5 of 5 Results