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  1. Maintenance and repair
    My bike has sat for a couple months on a dead battery. I jumped it a couple times but when I turned the key the dash would light up like normal but the fuel pump primed after 5-7 seconds which normally happens immediately. The bike would then start but not stay running. I put a new battery in it...
  2. The Street Triple 675!
    Hi guys, new member here. I bought a new Street Triple R a month ago (2012 model). It rides great and I love how it's getting better during the break-in period. The one issue that I got is that it the mileage is terrible. I knew these bikes don't get great mileage, but my numbers seems to be...
  3. General 675 discussion
    Need some quick help. Anyone know if a street triple fuel tank is the same tank that is on the daytona 675? Everything will bolt right up no problems? Thanks for the help.
  4. The Street Triple 675!
    I got my 2009 Street Triple R (Graphite) My Stickers on my ECU reads Tune: 020197.hex CALIB: 050197 DATE: 24/02/2009 Bike is always AMAZING thrill to ride, but it I think it ends prematurely so far the only dissapointing factor is the Fuel range. why do I only get 150 Km(93.75Miles) before...
1-4 of 4 Results