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  1. General 675 discussion
    My first Daytona was a 2006. After riding for a while I noticed that the front wheel seemed to off a bit. By this I mean when I was riding and tried to make the handlebars as straight as possible, based off of looking at the triple tree, the bike would lean to the right (wheel to the left). I...
  2. Parts
    looking to pick up a spare front wheel with rotors for track use. Since it'll be for track only, I don't want it to have any bends or cracks in the lip. I don't care what color or if there are chips in the paint. Post up or PM me if you have a wheel that fits the desired parameters. Thanks all, Tim
  3. Parts
    I just bought a rear wheel, and now I need a front, complete with rotors and bearings without any significant damage (cosmetic scratches ok, bends not ok). Let me know if anybody has anything they wouldn't mind getting rid of. Oh, and the rear wheel i bought was painted white, so if yours...
  4. Bikes
    I have a 06 SY with a bit over 6000 miles on the motor. It runs great. There's a good amount of scratches/dent to the gas tank, fairings, rims, etc. I also have a ton of spares I can either include or exclude. They are all in good to great shape. L + R Side fairings left handle bar Front wheel...
1-4 of 4 Results