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  1. Parts
    SOLD!!! Selling my race body work, professionally painted and in decent condition. Would rate 6/10 because there are some blemishes and one of the tabs to bolt down the tail underneath the seat is snapped off, still has 3 other bolt points and has not given me any issues. Looking for a local...
  2. Parts
    Very mint set of fairings with a pretty close match to the Daytona red. The fitment is pretty perfect, but can be expected from quality brand fairings. It comes with the quick release fasteners, Puig race windscreen, some decals and carbon vinyl accents. Four pieces total: upper, lower, tail and...
  3. Parts
    Fairings from a crashed scorched yellow 2007 Daytona. Some panels are in decent shape with scratches only, some are also cracked. Also up for sale is the headlight assembly, tail light assembly, passenger seat, and low seat (not pictured but its in good shape). High res photo album of...
  4. Parts
    [Edited 12/7 to sell all remaining small parts] Hey all- Time to make some space. I took all these off my '12 bike in early '13 when the bike had 800 miles on it. Everything is super clean, near perfect condition. Prefer to sell and ship as a single lot or a few groups so discounts for groups...
  5. Parts
    Hey all, Few parts going here: 2 x L/H (damaged) fairing - £15 each 1 x OEM nose (damaged) - £10 1 x OEM seat (1 very small tear on L/H side) - £15 1 x Pair of OEM heel guards - £10 1 x Pair of OEM passenger footrests - £15 1 x OEM mid pipe - £15 1 x OEM exit pipe assy - £30 1 x OEM rear...
  6. Parts
    Hello all, My friend is converting his bike to track mode, and no longer needs these fairings. Unfortunately the have a couple scratches and cracks in places, but nothing you'll notice more than a few feet away. The crack on the nose fairing I showed spread apart and pushed together. I will be...
  7. General Racing Discussions
    I've been looking at getting race bodywork from one of the big 3 (shark skins, armor bodies, hot bodies), but I recently looked on eBay and found a full ABS plastic fairing kit for much cheaper from a seller who distributes them new in Hong Kong. Here is the link...
  8. Routine Maintenance Questions
    I wrecked my 2012 D675R at the track and fortunately the bike and myself came off with minimal damage (for hitting the pavement at 70 anyway) I had a few quick questions about part compatibility and availability. I'm looking to bring it back to oem condition at a reasonable cost. Alternator...
  9. Australia and Asia-Pacific
    G'day. I'm considering focusing more on track days and was looking at getting some fairings. These seem like good value- Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with them? Cheers JNR
  10. Parts
    In great condition, does not come with the fairing bolts though! Fits on 2006 - 2008 models. I only have the left and right lower side fairings! $200 for both, $150 each. Located in Corpus Christi, TX, willing to ship so long as you pay for it and add the 3% Paypal fee Pm me for more pictures
  11. Parts
    OEM Black Right & Left Fairings, Front Fender, Tail Fairing, Stator/Alternator Cover! OEM Right Fairing - $80.00 OEM Left Fairing - $80.00 (White Plasti-Dipped, can just be peeled off to reveal original OEM black paint if desired, minor scuffs) OEM Front Fender - $35.00
  12. Routine Maintenance Questions
    so i just got some new fairings. i was wondering if its difficult to remove my current ones and put my new ones on. any help and input would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Introductions
    Hello All, I've been riding since 2003 on a Ninja 500 and upgraded to a 2010 675SE a few weeks ago... and low sided it yesterday :(. If you have any tips or leads on finding replacement fairings I'm all ears :D Located in Ottawa, Canada. - Brent
  14. Parts
    I just recently purchased a brand new 2012 675R and it will never see the street. It will not leave the dealership until it is race ready for next year. I have lots of parts coming off, brand new, still on the showroom floor. 675R specific parts: Street Upper SOLD Right Fairing SOLD Left...
  15. Parts
    This post has been moved to classified. Sorry for the inconvenience. I am new's the link: 2012 Triumph 675R part out - Zero Miles - Triumph675.Net Forums
  16. Cosmetic Mods
    Can anyone out the help walk me through removing the left/right fairings? Wanting to detail exhaust and motor and last time I tried to remove them didn't get really far since I didn't know the proper steps. Any help with pictures would be great if possible!
  17. Riders Discount
    If you're looking for inexpensive bodywork, but want something that fits right straight out of the box and doesn't take four hours to prep - look no further than Armour Bodies Pro Series bodywork. Armour Bodies has been noted for their high-quality fit and finish. This is achieved through the...
  18. Riders Discount is now an official SharkSkinz dealer. We know that many of you like to race and/or do trackdays, so why risk damaging your pristine OEM bodywork when you can have something that's specifically designed for the rigors of the track-going world? We use this bodywork on...
  19. Parts
    Full set of 2006 Graphite fairings including tank (upper, left, right, in-fill panels, and tail- $850 obo - SOLD Left clip-on - $45 obo - SOLD Right clip-on - $45 obo - SOLD Headlight - $150 obo - SOLD Kick stand - $25 obo- SOLD Stock Clutch inner basket and pressure plate (clutch plates SOLD)...
  20. Classifieds Graveyard
    I am in desperate need of a full set of fairings including a tank that match and that looks nice. Nothing that needs to be repaired or repainted. I am looking for street body work not racing fairings. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
1-20 of 20 Results