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  1. General 675 discussion
    I’m looking to buy an OEM grey right side fairing and possibly a tail fairing for an 07 Daytona 675. Let me know what you have!
  2. Parts
    I have a fiberglass race tail fairing from my 2012 Daytona 675R which I don't need. It's a standard fairing which uses the OEM seat (e.g. supersport tail). I think its a Sharkskins, but not 100% sure. Its not a show piece but very solid & 100% usable as-is. The decals are on top of the clear and...
  3. General 675 discussion
    Hey guys, still quite a noob to the Daytona but I have a track day coming up in a week and recently got a hold of some second hard Sharkskin race fairings. The previous owner of my second gen had the R&R recall done and mounted the rectifier underneath the right infill cover, help by the a screw...
  4. Parts
    Hello all, My friend is converting his bike to track mode, and no longer needs these fairings. Unfortunately the have a couple scratches and cracks in places, but nothing you'll notice more than a few feet away. The crack on the nose fairing I showed spread apart and pushed together. I will be...
  5. Want To Buy
    Looking for a track tail piece, for either stock seat or foam pad. New from Optimal they are $103 or $125, so would have to be a bit less than that. Figured I'd see if someone has one they are trying to get rid of. Thanks, -Ian-
  6. Want To Buy
    I'm looking for a phantom black fly screen for the bug eye headlights, seat cowl, and/or belly pan. I'm open to carbon fiber too. Thanks
  7. Parts
    Taken off bike with only 1000km. Had 3M paint protection film fitted from the day I picked the bike up. Only several minor marks under tail section. Will include black plastic radiator cowling and v piece, also in great condition. $1300 AUD plus shipping. Let me know if you want any more...
  8. Cosmetic Mods
    I laid down my 07 daytona and my Fairings are screwed I really like the 09 style better so I was wondering if I could just order a set of 09 fairings and a headlight assembly and if it would fit ? Or how hard it would be to make them fit. Anyone tried this ?
  9. Parts
    For sale I have a damaged (not punctured) tank from my 2006 Scorched Yellow Daytona. My bike was knocked over several years ago which caused the dent in the left side. TANK and STOCK Rider + Pillion SEATS Asking $120 + Shipping for the TANK and $20/seat + shipping for the seats (comes with...
  10. Parts
    Hey T675'ers! I have a few things for sale from my project. I know I am relatively new here. I can provide feedback if necessary. 2009-2012 Headlight Fairing - $200 OBO shipped I am selling one Blue nose headlight front fairing for a 2009-2012 Daytona 675. It has some rash. Actual fairing...
  11. Want To Buy
    As title states, I'd like to purchase the cockpit portion fairing of the bike if anyone has one laying around. I'll even trade you my right side tornado red fairing for it! Email me for a quicker response, [email protected]
  12. Parts
    Fairing has minor cosmetic scratches and scrapes, mostly on the decals. I would rate it 8 out of 10. $100+shipping. I'm in Chicago Darren
  13. Parts
    All parts are OEM and from a 2007 Graphite Daytona 675. Graphite Front Fender - Minor Scratches - $60 OBO + Shipping Stock Windscreen 2 - Minimal Scratches - $30 OBO + Shipping Thanks for looking! Need a leather suit? I'm selling one here...
  14. Australia and Asia-Pacific
    Hi everyone, After a big spill on a track day I'm looking to buy a few fairings for my '08 Daytona 675 in Grey/Graphite. Items needed are: - LHS Fairing - Nose/Front Fairing - Windshield - Tail Fairing - LHS infill - Headlight Cover - Gear lever I'm also located in Brisbane. Any offers for...
  15. Want To Buy
    Looking to repair some crash damage, I still need: - RHS fairing for 2010 D675 SE (pearl white) - Rizoma or Attack Performance Rearsets, prefereably Rizoma - WTB or WTT+pay cash for 2010 D675 SE tail fairing for CF/FB tail fairing
  16. Parts
    Got a set of Sharkskinz Race fairings to sell comes with the quick change D-ring setup. Have the Upper w/windscreen, Lower, and Rear Tail. Looking to sell as a package or willing to split up. Painted a nice matte blk/white. Also willing to trade the upper and rear for a sharkskinz "street...
  17. General 675 discussion
    So laid my bike down a few months back trying to get my plastics straight bought everything but the cockpit. Have an 08 se and decided to go with the newer headlight style. Was going to go through bikebandit to get the 2012 phantom black cockpit but of course its on backorder. Does anyone know...
  18. Parts
    Hello Brothers and Sisters. I looked this thing for my bike project. I offering it for 15 Pounds and seller sale it to me. Maybe someone need this part to...
  19. General 675 discussion
    Looking for a Scorched Yellow tail fairing for an 06 Daytona 675. Also need bar ends and a clutch lever as well. If anyone is selling any useful parts that are not damaged please let me know. Thanks, Ryan
  20. Parts
    Parting out stock parts since she won't ever be going back on the street. All prices are OBO. Some of the smaller items can be thrown in if you make a big purchase. I might have some random parts so if you think I might have taken it off the bike for the track, just ask and I will check for...
1-20 of 26 Results