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  1. Want To Buy
    Hey guys My bike is throwing P1079 code Exup short to battery. I'm hoping to disable exup if I can get the cable or just use Servo buddy. I'd like to have it today. If anyone is local or can help me out please shoot me a text. Location: Cerritos, CA Thanks 562-818-39zero1
  2. Repair/Troubleshooting
    So my 2010 D675 had the CEL (P1080) for the EXUP valve, so I read the various how-to's for the fix. I pulled the cover off the valve and it wasn't seized at all, so I started adjusting the cables (since apparently they stretch and can throw the code). I didn't have much luck adjusting the...
  3. Repair/Troubleshooting
    hello i have a 2008 Triumph daytona 675. It has been sputtering and hesitating under acceleration for a little while and then finally i got 2 codes on the CEL. p0078-exhaust control valve actuator circuit malfunction. p1080-exhaust control valve actuator mechanism malfunction. I am not sure...
  4. Modifications
    Hi Guys I am noob at TuneECU and programming. Currently got some problems with my 2012 daytona 675R. I have full Akra exhaust system and K&N air-fitter on. Since there is no butterfly at mid pipe. I leave the servo motor on bike and disable EXUP function at tuneECU. When I done the...
  5. Performance Mods
    So I've been the happy owner of my '09 Daytona for the last 7 months and with no big surprise, I got into the EXUP valve nightmare...The bike has been at the dealer twice already and things are still not being sorted. I've been reading a lots of thread about that nasty valve and I decided to get...
  6. Introductions
    Hello there. My name is Alex and I am in Delaware. So I had a rocky start with my bike. I just picked it up a few weeks ago from a private seller 2007 Yellow D675 I fired it up and rode it at the sellers place and all went fine. We strapped it upright to the bed of a pick up truck and...
  7. General 675 discussion
    Was in the process of removing the EXUP from the exhaust and found the above connector hanging loose. any one know what it is for? should it be plugged into to anything?
  8. Parts
    BUMP Passenger Pegs-----SOLD------ Exup Motor and Cables- 40 shipped Heel Guards- 35 shipped Chain Guard- 20 shipped Triumph OEM Carbon Fiber Heat shield- 200 Shipped----SOLD---- Still open to trades as well.
  9. Repair/Troubleshooting
    Yo all; Story short my Lovely '08 daytona decided recently to throw me a basket of problems. History: 10 months old, 46,000km's (29k miles), wheelies, track days, commuting, big weekenders, etc etc. She gets a work out. All between 44k and 46k I've had a dead battery (yep, with all that...
  10. How To's
    Many Check Engine warning lamps are caused by the EXUP valve failing to operate, in the case of my 675 this was due to the exhaust valve bearing seizing up. The first sign of this is often a loud squeak at start up as the valve cycles through its travel. It's quite simple to free it up yourself...
1-10 of 10 Results