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  1. Repair/Troubleshooting
    Started noticing this over the past few thousand miles if start engine 5-15 minutes after hot engine shutoff: With throttle closed, problem occurs . Crank speed is normal, but acts like not getting enough fuel/air, like combustion is intermittently happening, but can't quite do it. After 2...
  2. General 675 discussion
    Hello all! I am a student working on an engine project in Europe. I'd love to share details on the project but right now I do not have permission to do so. For this project I need to make a full CAD design of the radiator we are using, which is the 2008-2012 OEM 675 (non triple) radiator...
  3. Maintenance and repair
    Howdy, first post here and wasnt really seeing a whole lot on this matter couldnt really find what i was looking for in the search so my apologies if this has been discussed, anyway, I crashed my valves incredibly hard on my 2014 Daytona non r, and I have been on the search for a new motor, I...
  4. Want To Buy
    Looking for a reliable engine since mine exploded. I have a rental pickup truck for the next few days and will be driving between ATL to JAX, FL Thursday and Friday so can meet anywhere around there!
  5. Maintenance and repair
    I recently purchased an 08 675 with roughly 6000 miles on it and drove it back to Fort Worth from New Orleans with no problems at all. Just recently I began noticing a faint clicking sound coming from the front end while riding. The best way to describe this sound would be similar to putting a...
  6. General 675 discussion
    So I bought a 2008 daytona with 16K on the clock and after 80 miles the engine dropped a valve. I was talking with the service advisor at my local dealership and he was saying it would be a good idea to upgrade engines since I am already looking at getting a new one. I took his advice and...
  7. The Street Triple 675!
    or I'm going to buy one of these. Any opinions? I won't be taking the bike to the track much (if ever). I'd guess the GB racing cover is plenty more expensive than the LSL sider.
  8. Repair/Troubleshooting
    First of all, hello my fellow riders. I am fairly experienced rider from San Diego. I take my bike frequently to Palomar Mountain's South Bend (those who live here and ride, likely know it). YouTube it if you wish. The bike is an '07 675. A couple weeks ago I was going uphill with a passenger...
  9. Repair/Troubleshooting
    I've had this happen to me twice after not riding for several days. When I start up the bike, there's a loud knock...similar to metal on metal knocking. But only during the time of the starter cranking. Once the engine fires up, it goes away. Like I said, this only happens after not riding for...
  10. Classifieds Graveyard
    Looking to buy a functional crank position sensor for an '06-08 675. Hit me up.
1-10 of 10 Results