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  1. Cosmetic Mods
    Can anyone out the help walk me through removing the left/right fairings? Wanting to detail exhaust and motor and last time I tried to remove them didn't get really far since I didn't know the proper steps. Any help with pictures would be great if possible!
  2. 675 Photos
    All you need are a few screws and 2 stainless steel L brackets from your local hardware. The top L bracket is 3" x 3" and the bottom one is 4" x4". Just make sure that the initial holes line up. The L brackets mount to the frame where there are already two holes from the factory. It is super...
  3. Cosmetic Mods
    :huh: So a month or so ago I laid down my bike. No body’s fault but mine. Cold road + cold tires + aggressive cornering = low side. Lost the front in an turn. I was fine. I always ride in good rear and fortunately I didn’t hit anything. The bike was not too bad. Typical damage. Broken peg...
  4. Modifications
    I planned to fit my own alarm when I first got my Triumph, but I wanted a plug and play solution without the AU$600+ price tag of the DataTool alarm. Here are the steps and photos and details from the one I fitted as I created it, so if you're feeling brave (or stupid) the process only takes a...
1-4 of 4 Results