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  1. Cosmetic Mods
    So here's my story..... I ordered a H7 and H9 bulb and ballasts from DDM. Received them in no time. Installed the H7 with no problems. And then went to the H9. When I put the cover back on the H9, it wouldn't fit. I did some research and noticed that from another post that his H9 bulb has the...
  2. Cosmetic Mods
    Hey all, I'm finally going to order my HID kit from DDM Tuning at the end of this week and wanted to see if anyone else in the NYC area wants to get in on the order to split the shipping costs. I called them to see about a group rate, but they said they don't due to the already low costs of...
  3. Cosmetic Mods
    Hello All. I am posting on how i am doing my H4 HID conversion on my blue '08 675. Check out the following threads, and post questions and/or concerns. Yes, there will be pictures. I knew i would get hell from all of you if i wouldn't have taken any. Intro: I am doing this, since after months...
  4. Performance Mods
    So I installed the DDM HID high and low beams (which look great) and put in some LEDs for the running lights at the same time. Now the running lights are not working and neither is my license plate light. Any ideas? Could I have blown a fuse somehow or maybe a plug came undone near the fuse box...
  5. Parts
    Brand new Apexcone HID kit. 35w slim ballast kit 6000k One H7 and one H9 for your hi and low beam Never installed and still in box. ***SOLD***
1-5 of 5 Results