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  1. Parts
    I have a great condition black GPR V4 top mount steering damper, has about 1,000 miles on it since rebuild, still feels good as new. I'm getting Attack triples, so my only top mount option is going to be a Scotts damper. I would ideally like to trade straight up, but would be willing to sell...
  2. Modifications
    Hi Guys, I'm trying to find the sweet spot with my 2009 Daytona 675 suspensions, and while playing with the front rebound damping adjuster I noticed that the number of clicks to go from fully screw in to out is different between the two forks. That doesn't make any sense to me...Has anybody...
  3. Parts
    This is the OEM version, everything you see in the picture is what you'll receive. It is missing a nut or two but condition overall is good. Located in Southern California Willing to ship so long as you pay for it and add the 3% Paypal fee Price is $20
  4. Parts
    ***SOLD!*** Sold the bike so no longer need this. Great condition! Bought new two years ago and used for 8 track days. Asking $300 plus shipping. More info:
  5. All Things Suspension
    Hi guys and gals, I'm new here and I thought my first questions would be about the steering damper that apparently is stock on 08's. As stated in my intro thread, I test rode an 07 that used to belong to hefdukes23. According to him, she didn't have a damper. Now, I loved the bikes handling both...
  6. Performance Mods
    Heya, I don't see a great many damper options that are specifically listed to fit the Daytona 675r, unlike the many 675 choices. Supposedly the 675r & 675 models are virtually the same with the exception of the brakes suspension & quick shifter, but I have found a few other small differences...
  7. Bikes
    13,700 miles. Tags just renewed last week. Re-valved front suspension and Elka two-way shock. Great mechanical condition, bike runs great and has never had any problems. Tires, sprockets, and chain are in good condition with lots of life in them. Salvage title. All costmetic damage...
1-7 of 7 Results