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  1. Gear
    Literally used for one ride. Made an error in sizing, still have its tags as well. Fits persons with 44-51 shoulder to waist measurement. 115 shipped in the states.
  2. Gear
    Used these for about a handful of times, mainly some group night rides. Still like new condition. These use Dainese's D-Skin which is their top of the line offering, edging out regular cowhide. Size 52 - Watch the Revzilla Video for sizing...
  3. Riding Gear
    Does anybody own a Dainese Portland 2 textile jacket? if so whats your opinion on them? i live in an area where the riding season is rather short and i am looking for a jacket that is good in hotter weather but still provides protection. if the portland isnt that jacket, id appreciate some input...
  4. Gear
    Bought it like a month ago and I only used it three times (30 miles each trip). Reason why I'm selling it is because it is too big. It is a size large which which could explain why it didn't fit right. By then it was too late and I had thrown away the tags and the reciept so I couldn't exchange...
1-7 of 8 Results