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  1. The Street Triple 675!
    So I have a 2016 street triple RX. I recently got an accident where I damaged my bar and I was looking to see if anyone had done a swap Clip on. because most of the threads I'm seeing are for old older street triples. Most of the links that I find don't work. I was just wondering if anyone knew...
  2. Parts
    Parting out stock parts since she won't ever be going back on the street. All prices are OBO. Some of the smaller items can be thrown in if you make a big purchase. I might have some random parts so if you think I might have taken it off the bike for the track, just ask and I will check for...
  3. Want To Buy
    Looking for a set of TLS or similar raised 50mm clipons. PM me with pics and info.
  4. Performance Mods
    Does anyone have experience with convertibars? Heli bars aren't adjustable, and cyclecats are out of business, so these look promising to me. They allow you to adjust the bar angle as well as the bar height. I'm just wondering about clearance issues. How much can they be adjusted before...
  5. Classifieds Graveyard
    SOLD SOLD SOLD, thanks all...
  6. Classifieds Graveyard
    I am looking to buy stock clip-ons for my 675 for around $60-$70 shipped (I am in Denver) or aftermarket clip-ons for $100ish. I am on a budget & try ing to get this bike on the track by memorial day. If people are looking to sell please let me know your price.
1-6 of 6 Results