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  1. Repair/Troubleshooting
    Can anyone shed some light on this? Replaced battery as per manual. Cranks and continues to run, but with CEL on and in limp mode. No code shown. Would love to know what I could've fried, or if there's a reset procedure I need to know...
  2. Repair/Troubleshooting
    Riding into work this morning, the check engine light came on the dash of my 2011 Street Triple R. I was just commuting to work, so riding easy on the freeway, and didn't notice the bike behave abnormally either before or after the light came on. The light came on about halfway through the...
  3. All Things Tuning
    I bought a used '07 D675 with a 2 Bros slip on exhaust and the CEL (check engine light) on, the price was really good don't judge me ;). The bike has never had any issues other than the battery losing its charge relatively quickly on cold days/nights. I was told the CEL was on due to the removal...
1-3 of 3 Results