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  1. All Things Tuning
    Hey all, This is similar to my post in the performance forum but more of a specific tuning question. So I have a bone stock 2006 675 and I'm looking to remove the intake flapper and catalytic converter and possibly a two brothers slip on depending on how my other thread turns out. So my...
  2. Modifications
    I know i have seen a step by step, with pic's, for gutting the cataletic converter. But now that i want to see it i cant find it....can anyone point me in the right direction???
  3. Performance Mods
    I'm in the middle of winter maintenance on my bike and on a impulse I decided to gut my Catalytic Converter. The hardest part about the process was getting the headers nuts off without removing the radiator. That part took about 20 minutes. After that, I took a cutoff saw and cut the muffler...
  4. Modifications
    I had the Thunderbike end can installed with Arrow map as per instruction and PC3, went back to standard setup for a while (running out of points on license), now going back Thunderbike end can (got some points back:grin:). Ran it up on dyno and 20bhp down. Seemingly having arrow map on...
1-4 of 4 Results