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  1. Repair/Troubleshooting
    Hey guys, First post. Been spending the last week going down the CCT Rabbit-Hole after a ticking started in bike 13 675R. 6k miles. Previous owner swapped the hydraulic one for a manual, which I was unaware of for 4k miles. Chasing the ticking I came here, saw the CCT threads of course, went to...
  2. The Street Triple 675!
    Hello everyone, I just bought myself a 2010 Street triple 675r. It has 58.000km an I bought it with what I thought was a CCT noise. I read tons of threads about the subject and tried to set the original tensioner manually. I took it out and moved the plunger out a tooth. I did this 2 or 3...
  3. The Street Triple 675!
    Hi all, 3 months ago I bought my 2013 Street Triple R, and I have noticed that it may have some issues and was hoping somebody could help me resolve the issue, as I really don't want to shell out a ridiculous amount of money for a diagnosis and repair from a dealership. I bought the bike with...
  4. CCT

    The Street Triple 675!
    Can anyone confirm that the APE Cam Chain Tensioner for the Daytona will work for the Street Triple. Need to double check before I pull the trigger.
  5. Repair/Troubleshooting
    So i am wondering how often in theory would the manual cam chain tensioner need to be adjusted? Would it be every time you checked the valve clearances? Also I was wondering how everyone with the manual CCT was getting along with the part. Any problems?? I know I have seen threads where...
  6. Performance Mods
    Not much to see but figured I'd post up a pic, got it from forum member Hord Boy Info can be found here: Here ya go with pics...
1-6 of 6 Results