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  1. Cosmetic Mods
    Was tired of waiting for Watsen's, found a lad in the USA selling hand-built flush mount signals for less than half the cost of Watsen's and no wait time! Couldn't be happier - extremely bright, fitment was a treat and love the way they look. Total turn around time was 2 weeks from the time I...
  2. Cosmetic Mods
    Shout-out to syntheticcheez for the idea! Thanks man! Installed BMW 745 side-markers for my rear signals to be Cali street legal. Still kept my integrated tails as well. Installed to look like they are free-floating. I personally didn't want to drill any holes into the plastics.
  3. Parts
    Payments will be via paypal to gvincelette at gmail dot com Triumph Gel Seat SOLD This was on an 06 675 pair of 675 Mirrors with 1050 stalks- SOLD pair of OEM Mirrors with the extended 1050 mirror stalks Pair Passenger pegs In great shape, removed them when bike was bought new Came off an 06...
1-3 of 3 Results