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  1. Performance Mods
    Heya, I don't see a great many damper options that are specifically listed to fit the Daytona 675r, unlike the many 675 choices. Supposedly the 675r & 675 models are virtually the same with the exception of the brakes suspension & quick shifter, but I have found a few other small differences...
  2. Modifications
    Yeah! My new Bitubo rear shock and front fork cartridge kits just arrived. This is what the WSS team uses - top notch stuff! My forks are going out tomorrow to get anodized (you like how I plan ahead, eh?) - I should have them back in a week or two. These are going on my 675 (726 actually!).
  3. Group Buys
    We are going to have these made - they were used all season by team S-Works/Commonwealth and everyone who rode the bike loved how changed the handling. They were adjustable offset, but everyone agreed that 7mm is the best setting so these will be produced with a fixed 7mm offset. Anodized in...
1-3 of 3 Results