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  1. All Things Tuning
    I’m just shopping around trying to find the most cost effective way to tune my bike (2014 675r) , I have a few different considerations, debating getting a arrow slip on map from the dealer if anyone can vouch for that. Or a bazzaz or pcv with a dynotune, I’m aware bazzaz is going out of...
  2. All Things Tuning
    I planning to install the Race kit ECU which raises the RPM limit from 14400 to 15500. I have the kit springs but I opt not to install them because they hurt performance. My concern is how to prevent the bike from revving past 14400. Unfortunately Bazzaz doesn't offer an ignition module unlike...
  3. Performance Mods
    Anyone have pictures of their install as far as where the connectors are? I found several threads already but the pics were hosted on photobucket and can't see them anymore. Injectors are easy but even following the bazzaz install pdf I'm not seeing where any of the other connectors are. I've...
  4. Cosmetic Mods
    Meet Betty, the 2006 Triumph Daytona 675. She's getting her Bazzaz tuned, an oil leak fixed, and powdercoating. I received this progress picture earlier today from my mechanic, I figured that you guys would like it! Edit: I spelled this wrong, I feel awful about it.
  5. Riders Discount
    The Bazzaz Z-AFM Self-Mapping Kit provides a cost-effective alternative to dyno-tuning after every change you make to your motorcycle such as the installation of a new exhaust or changing the air filter. In addition to this, you can have an ideal map ready for your motorcycle no matter the...
  6. Riders Discount
    Lots of racers and street riders trust Bazzaz Performance Design components to give them the power they need with no-hassle installation and superior product support. Now, the Z-Fi system is available for the Triumph 675. This plug and play device is built with high-quality connectors and is...
1-6 of 6 Results