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  1. Riders Discount
    Built using two different layers of impact-absorbing honeycomb structures, the Alpinestars Bionic Air back protector is slimmer and lighter than other Alpinestars back protectors for even more comfort and excellent safety. The outer honeycomb polypropylene layer dissipates impact energy over a...
  2. Riders Discount
    Built using two different layers of honeycomb structures, Alpinestars' latest back protector insert is lighter and much more flexible than their previous upgrade armor. The new dual-density cell structure is what makes this possible with an articulating outer shell that's sat atop an energy...
  3. Riders Discount
    For any rider that's serious about safety - the Bionic Race Shield from Alpinestars combines a low-profile fit and a high degree of protection with CE-level 2 certification. This particular back protector not only covers your hind side, but also comes with a Tech Chest Guard, integrated kidney...
1-3 of 3 Results