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  1. Maintenance and repair
    Hey how's it going, I've got a 06 Daytona and a Bluetooth obd2 reader from Veerpeak. I'm running Tune Ecu and have the €25 licence. When I connected to the ecu it connects quickly without fail. But when it asked me to register my bike I tried but you need internet connection (I'm down in my...
  2. The Pit
    Hey guys I am still pretty new here, but loving the site. So I figured I would share my geekness with the fellow Moto Droid owners. I believe this will work with any android phone, but I made the picture the size for the Droid 1. I have attached the picture and the link below will have the...
  3. Stuff of interest
    any chance of us getting tapatalk enabled on the forums so us android users (or those iphone users) can easily browse from the phone? from what I understand, it's free: Thanks, -Ryan
1-3 of 3 Results