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  1. General 675 discussion
    So, I'm new here, and I'm also quite new to the 675 experience! Yay,:thumbsup: I've got a question that might be straight forward to most of you but so damn hard to figure out for myself. I hope this is the right spot, forgive me if I'm doing something wrong here... Since a few months I've...
  2. Performance Mods
    For xmas I got a set of 2011 shorty levers, but my bike is a base model 2010 (gift giver thought I had a 2011). Looking on most lever manufacturers webs sites, they list 2010 and 2011 as same lever. Anyone know if this part changed in those two years? The lever fits, but the cutout for the...
  3. Want To Buy
    Looking to repair some crash damage, I still need: - RHS fairing for 2010 D675 SE (pearl white) - Rizoma or Attack Performance Rearsets, prefereably Rizoma - WTB or WTT+pay cash for 2010 D675 SE tail fairing for CF/FB tail fairing
  4. Introductions
    Hello All, I've been riding since 2003 on a Ninja 500 and upgraded to a 2010 675SE a few weeks ago... and low sided it yesterday :(. If you have any tips or leads on finding replacement fairings I'm all ears :D Located in Ottawa, Canada. - Brent
  5. The Street Triple 675!
    Hello all, I am new to this forum. Nice to meet you all. I own a ninja 250 and it's about time to upgrade. So finally I have enough money to upgrade to this beauty street triple. I was looking for a used street triple for a month now and I didn't find any on craiglist or ebay. I guess that's a...
  6. The Street Triple 675!
    So I was a bit bored and was looking on Triumph's website when I noticed something. I wanted to see what they said my bike weighed, so I looked at the 2010, and seen 416 lbs. I then looked at the 2009 specs just giggles and noticed that the wet weight was 367 lbs. What happened to the 2010...
  7. Performance Mods
    I just got a 2010 Daytona and I was wondering if it was possible to extend the swingarm. Also, if you have ever seen it done I'd like to get some feedback on how it looks or possibly some pics. Thanks
  8. General 675 discussion
    I am getting a 2010 white SE to replace my red '09 Daytona. I have the Watsen designs flush mounts in red and they are going to put those on the new white bike. What are your guys thoughts on how that will look? Will Watsen offer the pearl white color soon?:whistle:
  9. Repair/Troubleshooting
    Hey everyone, I just got my Daytona about a month ago, 2010 SE from Manayunk Triumph. I'm loving it, it's extremely fun to ride, and the guys at the dealership were great. However, ever since I got my 500 mile service done, I've been noticing a chatter/rattle that sounds like it's coming from...
1-9 of 9 Results