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  1. Bikes
    This tasteful and feisty machine has been a huge delight to me, both for riding and performing routine maintenance over the years. It was my dream bike. I am now selling as I prepare to settle down and start a family. Bike comes with a brand new pair of Pilot Power 3 tires (less than 15 miles...
  2. Repair/Troubleshooting
    Hello all, I have searched on here for a while and can't find my exact situation and everything that I have tried has come up empty. First off, the battery is at proper levels while the bike is off, with accessories on, and when it's running. I just installed a brand new battery today. So...
  3. Parts
    This is the OEM version, everything you see in the picture is what you'll receive. It is missing a nut or two but condition overall is good. Located in Southern California Willing to ship so long as you pay for it and add the 3% Paypal fee Price is $20
  4. Bikes
    2006 Daytona 675. San Francisco/Bay Area. Sad to sell it, but self-funding a new company and product and the toy just isn't a priority right now… If i buy another 675 in the future, I'll be looking to buy this one back. Haha! Kidding! But I will buy another 675 without question when...
  5. Bikes
    I have a 06 SY with a bit over 6000 miles on the motor. It runs great. There's a good amount of scratches/dent to the gas tank, fairings, rims, etc. I also have a ton of spares I can either include or exclude. They are all in good to great shape. L + R Side fairings left handle bar Front wheel...
1-5 of 5 Results