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They are rivets and would need to be drilled out. 13/64 or 7/32 drill should do it. You basically use a drill size big enough that causes the head to separate, then push the main part of the rivet in. I'm sure there's general videos on youtube. I assume you don't have a riveting tool; could use a bolt/nut when you re-attach.

As far as the frame: while suspension/geometry specialists will sometimes bend a frame a tiny bit, I personally wouldn't try bending it. If steel: sure. Cast aluminum...nope. Your other option could be cut+weld, but i'd be suspect that the whole spar on that side might be tweaked, not just the very top bit.

That's a 06-08, right? A 09-12 frame will work too. But while they look identical, but you'll need the swingarm eccentrics which go into the frame and possibly the swingarm pivot bolt. Triumph changed the size of the eccentric and the bolt hole spacing on the eccentrics.
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