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Battery blew up and bike won't start with new one.

So, I've owned my 07 Daytona for about 2 months. Did the regulator mod and the bike was working beautifully. Couple days ago went to go to work and the bike wouldn't start ( sorry for the long post but I'm just trying to let you guys/girls know what I have and haven't done so far ). No click or anything. But the guages would cycle and everything. So I being a dumb ass took my buddies advance and jumped the bike with a car battery. And the bike started and I left for work. Well 10mins later the bike shut off. And the battery blew up. Fast forward 3 days later. New battery in and bike won't start or even prime. There is absolutely no click at all. So I check all my fuses ignition switch fuse was blown so I replace it and all the fuses but the 3 larger relays and the the single relay on the lower half. Bike still wouldn't start and my ignition fuse blew itself again. Checked stator and r/r and they are both fine. I have no idea where to go from here I took about my ignition switch and couldn't find anything obviously wrong. Checked my fuel pump lines to make sure they aren't crossing eachother ( which I got from another post ) and they weren't. So I'm honestly lost on what to do. Anything helps, so thank you!!
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