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You definitely want the tip-over sensor. A carbed bike will dump the fuel in the bowls and stall quickly, but an EFI bike with a reasonably full tank will keep running until the crank bearings seize.

If you're running track days and race days, you will absolutely need a working kill switch. If your right-hand switch cluster is beyond easy repair, replacements are cheap enough on eBay.

The sidestand switch is simply a matter of jumping / connecting the two wires together.

Zip-tie the alarm connector together. If it's easy enough to separate to use as a kill switch, it's easy enough to vibrate loose while running.

Edit to add: The fuses are MORE important on a race bike, since there is more available electrical power to do rude things to your wiring. The headlights and other lights are major loads consuming a large portion of the stator's output; this excess power is shunted to ground through the voltage regulator, which will run hotter than on a street bike.

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