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DIY Race Harness Questions

Sure has been a long time since I posted here. With quarantine and all, and lack of forseeable track season, I decided to dig in to a custom race harness for the bike. The bike will not be seeing street riding at all, and I have been hacking away at a spare harness I bought a while back. All I need is the bare minimum to get the bike running for the track. I have several questions and I'm hoping someone on here will be able to help me out. I run attack triples, so the key/cylinder are loose and just zip tied to the fair stay, so getting rid of that would be a priority. I have also had terrible luck with the stock run switch and ignition switch (cost me at least 3 track days), so getting rid of those would be huge. The way the bike starts now is I turn the key to run position and then hit the ignition switch (the run toggle switch was removed after there was internal break found in the wire, so I just soldered them together).

I plan on keeping the "alarm" plug and having it accessible at the front of the bike (I have just the 4 wires that are jumpered together with how it comes). When I want to turn off the bike I'll just pull that plug to kill the bike.


Are the fuses even necessary at this point? The bike will be running again at a bare minimum, so what is the point of the fuses? Can they be spliced out of the equation (though I would imagine keeping the fuse for the ECM might be smart?).

Can any of the relays be spliced out too? The only relays I have presently are the starter relay, ECM relay, and a mystery relay which I can't find on the wiring diagram (I think it is the fuel pump relay though).

List of connectors on the harness still:

oil pressure
throttle position
alarm 4 wire/kill plug
diagnostic connector for Tune ECU
Gear position
coils 1,2,3
injector 1,2,3
Fuel pump
Low fuel (needed?)
Speed sensor
idle speed control (needed? I have race kit manual idle adjustor)
Coolant temp
Tip over sensor (would like to keep incase of fall)
Ambient pressure (needed?, one near the intake flapper valve which isn't there)
Intake air temp
Kickstand (would like to remove but not sure how)
Clutch (need to keep for 09 bike?)
EMS main relay
Starter relay
Mystery relay (fuel pump maybe?)
Starter button/engine start stop
ECM plugs

The bike is already set up for the track with SAI remove, intake flapper, O2, and pretty much anything else that's considered not necessary for track. I have no problem cutting wires and soldering them back together. Ideally, if I could have it so the bike is "on" unless the alarm plug is removed, and cranking the bike by using an aftermarket run switch, that would be the perfect set up I think. The attached pictures are of how the harness currently is, how the alarm plug is set up, and then of the mystery relay. Thanks in advanced and sorry for the wall of text!
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