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Tires (yes again)

Pandemic has led to a tire shortage. Having trouble finding a mated set. Local shop rx Conti Motions b/c they're cheap and they have the front in stock so just need a rear. Revzilla reviewers rate them as a 3.5 or less tire.

I don't mind spending more but have never much loved what came on the preowned 2012 D, OEM Corsa in front and rear Rosso IIs. Not worn just over 5 years old and hardening rubber now lets go in curves.

Love loved the Pirelli Dragons from my '07 D675 b/c they had a much rounder profile, handled monsoons, and gripped in all temperatures. The treads look a bit like the Rosso IIs, but those have not inspired the same confidence in leans.

Am not knee dragging or doing more than spirited country and city riding. Aggressive maneuvers muchvless often and only occasional commutes.

So just let me know what you like and why. With so many tire options, wish tires could be an ongoing forum thread. I get that while we all ride the same bike, how we ride is likely much different than someone else. But hearing 675 owner opinions applies more than random Amazon or Revzilla reviews.
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