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Features of SV Racing Parts, Nextup Quick Shifters and Nextup Controller Boxes,

Nextup Quick Shifter:These patent pending products allow you to use the same Quick Shifter on a Carbureted bike or a Fuel Injected Bike with either PC III USB or PC V which is a valuable and unique feature that gives you the freedom to move it from bike to bike extending the product life and preserving your investment.

The Nextup Quick Shifter is also able to be converted it from Push to Pull for Standard or GP Shift Patterns with the optional Conversion kits. Once purchased it will allow you to swap back and forth between Push and Pull with a quick swap of the patented parts.

The Nextup Quick Shifter also includes SS left and right threaded rods to make connecting your Quick Shifter easy. The Instructions show 6 different configurations that you can use to set it up the way you like.

Built out of Durable SS and Waterproofed to keep it working right in all race conditions,

Nextup Controller Box: Robust Construction and Durable Design, The internals are dipped in epoxy to make them water resistant and extend the product life.

The Nextup Controller Box has been used in the Drag Racing World for almost 10 years now and is the defacto controller system behind many demanding air shifter systems used by wining race teams and used in the private labeled air shifter systems marketed by companies like Orient Express,

All 8 Injector Systems using PC III USB traditionally require the PC Ignition Module for any Quick Shifter running through it to work. The Nextup Controller Box eliminates the need for the Ignition Module, and is fully transferable from bike to bike, extending your product life and preserving your investment.

The Nextup Controller Box is a fully tunable up-shifter for the Nextup Quick Shifter that enables you to set your delay and kill times individually based on gear position.

The Nextup Controller Box allows your bike to complete Full Throttle Up-shifts Faster and more Smoothly than you ever thought possible.

The Nextup Controller Box's Universal design will work on any motorcycle.

Easy Push Button Setup for track side tuning without the need for Lap Top or Power Commander types of ECU Fuel Control Systems or Ignition Modules.

Nextup Controller Boxes work with Optional Bike Specific Wiring Harnesses that include OEM style connectors for reliable quick and easy install.

The Nextup Controller Box is the ultimate way to go to get maximum benefit out your Nextup Quick Shifter and be able to set the times on every shift.

Carbureted Bikes and the Nextup Controller Box: All carbureted bikes using a Quick Shifter need to interrupt power at the coils, The Retail Prices are $169.95 for the Quick Shifter itself and $189.95 for the Nextup Controller Box that is required to operate the Quick Shifter on the Carbureted Bikes for a Retail Total of $359.90 for a complete system for Carbureted Bikes. The Color Coded Optional Basic Wiring Kit is $39.95 Retail and includes all the requisite connectors and wiring instructions

What permits the Nextup Quick Shifter to operate and set the Kill - Delay Times for each gear is the Nextup Controller Box which also controls the power interrupt at the coils for carbureted bikes allowing for Full Throttle Upshifts.

The wiring for can be done by anyone with moderate experience working with splicing wiring harnesses. For $39.95 you can order a Basic Color Coded Wiring Kit with connectors and instructions included for Carbureted Bikes that makes it all too simple.

This is the most economical and versatile Quick Shifter System available for carbureted bikes.

Wiring Harnesses:

Basic Wiring Harness: The Basic Wiring Harness includes all the color coded wiring and connectors that you will need to set up your Carbureted Bike with the Nextup Quick Shifter and Controller Box. For the do it yourself Guy with Fuel Injection the Basic Wiring Kit will provide the basis to splice in do it yourself although we recommend ordering the custom harness for your year and model with the correct fuel injector connectors for your bike.

PC II USB Connector: Already own a PC III USB, Connect the Quick Shifter Directly to your PC III USB,

You need to Enable all PC III USB Modules to work with any Quick Shifter,

Note*** all 8 Injector Bikes require the PC Ignition Module to work with PC III USB and the PC III USB to be enabled in order for them to work with any Quick Shifter; This is a case where the Nextup Controller Box provides super value, and investment retention by being able to move from bike to bike,

PC V does not require any Connector or Adapter to work with the Nextup Quick Shifter, The Nextup Quick Shifter connects directly to the Power Commander V.

Custom Wiring Harnesses: Pretty much all of the major Japanese Sport Bikes, and Triumph 675 2006 and up bikes Plug and Play Custom Wiring Harnesses are in stock and ready to ship.

They provide the OEM style connectors to plug directly onto your connectors and your OEM harness then plugs into the custom harness.

This allows all of your bikes functions to operate as normal including your PC III or V Mapping and ECU functions, while the Nextup Quick Shifter and Nextup Controller box manage the millisecond power interruptions at the Fuel Injectors to all Full Throttle Clutchless Upshifts saving you time and putting on the top of the Podium

Email me Directly at [email protected]

Enjoy the ride, and best regards,
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