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A bike is only old if you neglect it.

My 1996 VFR750 daily commuter is better than it was new. I put on braided brake & clutch lines, modern rubber, dropped some weight and modernized the charging system and shifting mechanism. I maintain it to nearly the same standard as my race bike - it regularly gets new fluids, suspension service, chain cleaning & lube every 200 miles and yes, I even take off the kickstand, clean it and lube it. I was eyeing 2015 VFR800's a few years ago, then realized I can make my bike do all the same stuff and save around $6k. Now I have everything a modern bike has, but I don't have to deal with annoying ABS, ultra-sensitive traction control or a weight gain of 30-40 lbs.

Same goes for pretty much everything in the stable. 1993 NSR250R, 1984 RZ350, my dad's 1959 Triumph TR6...all of them still run great and bring a smile to my face because I give a sht about them. My 2015 675R is probably the most "tired" bike I have, because it's race-only and gets ridden hard.

If you're tired of your bike, admit it and get something else.
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