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I personally don't care to be the Fast guy even tho I kind of am in my little group. I enjoy teaching new riders and riding 2up with girls more. I was unknowingly fast on my stock 09 D675 (1st bike) just trying to find my limits and the bikes limits. Then when I got the 675R I was constantly competing with my younger self on roads and tracks I know, trying to get back to that level of skill. Once I did, I was good and now I ride differently

I still love the bike , looks, feel and all. You guys hit it on the head I have the "new bike itch" .
Roughly I have had the same bike since 2011, so its time for something different. Now it all makes sense...

The wife and I both want Apes but she wants the sportsbike while I want the naked version.

P.S. as far as the loctite I keep 1 in my motorcycle bag, 1 in the garage with my bike stuff and 1 at work. what's happening is some of the holes are starting to lose their threads from the bolts vibrating and backing out. I need to retap some the holes and either use a bigger bolt with loctite or just retap them with loctite.

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