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Originally Posted by jdgun_13 View Post
nice, but not to take away from this... we had a forum member also make some and i am still using mine. and will update to a billet caliper this winter.

You might find someone wanting to spend $900 in total for a caliper kit that is mostly for looks hard to find, unless it is usable with the standard OEM style brembo as found on Ducati, even then its a good $500 mod depending on your price.

Look forward to seeing how it goes.
Hi buddy. Yeah it is usable for the stock Ducati/Aprilia caliper P2-34 84mm such as PN 120A44110 but not applicable to the casting 2-pot caliper. I should have specified at a first place.
I understand for some of you it makes the mod. expensive at the end but it's not only for the looks. It saves some unsprung weight too!
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