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Just a small update,
I got a reply from uk race support last week. They said they have only heard of this one time before. They did however give me a little direction, the hiflow filtro they carry which is the one I've been running measure 6.5cm in length which is right around where mine is. However they did have a bike in their shop with an oem triumph filter that measured roughly 6 cm. I figured that should be small enough to fit without to much issue. I ordered an oem triumph oil filter off Amazon due to prime shipping being the quickest. Unfortunately when I got it, it was actually a hair longer than the hiflow, by maybe 3-5 mm. There may be a couple variations in size or they are possibly just that inconsistent which I would doubt. Either way I ended up just wedging the new hiflow I bought up into place. Next oil change i may try a k&n ar see if that's a better fit. I will try my best to remember to update this thread when the time comes, but at this point it is what it is. If anyone does see this and has something besides a hiflow or triumph oem laying around, it would certainly help if I could get a measurement. I do find it odd that no one with bodis headers has came forward with this issue, however maybe there is just that much variation in the fabrication of the headers.
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