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Originally Posted by mszilves View Post
I can confirm 100% it's working on the newer gen bikes. I have flashed both my Street as well as the race bike, and it works perfectly.

Diagnostic functions as well as fuel-remapping, disable SAI/O2 etc are all working 100%. You can write the F tables, change idle RPM tables, disable the F/L switch, bleed ABS, basically all functions except reading a map from the ECU.

The requirements are:
1. Any decent Android tablet with Bluetooth capability
2. Latest TuneECU from the Google Play store
3. OBDLink LX dongle (Amazon) - this is important, and is the only one currently confirmed working
Extra late reply... I've been in and out of town. I came home and the the OBDLink dongle had been delivered and I'm ready to give it a go. Do you know if I need to use a tablet? I've got a laptop that I use for tuning and It's got bluetooth.
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