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Hello, I'm also new here!

I had this problem on my STR 09 a couple of weeks ago. It did spit out a milkshake/yoghurt-like slimy mess from the coolant expansion reservoir overflow tube.

When I drained the fluids I saw that only the coolant were contaminated. I guess the oil pressure is higher than the water pressure, so it only goes one way (at least if the leak is small enough). I think for smoke to come out of the exhaust the oil must be contaminated.

I removed my heat exchanger and pressure tested it under water and it had an internal leak. I replaced it with the billeted air-oil cooler mentioned above and plugged the coolant connections. Don't know how it effects the oil temperature, but it seems to have worked for other people.

The worst part was getting the coolant system clean. It takes a couple of fluid changes to get the slime that sticks to all walls in the system out. Seems to be a lot of ideas of what to use. I used a 0,2-0,3 liters of degreaser (that I usually use when washing the bike/car).

Good luck
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