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GUIDELINES for Group Buys (New)

First, let me say that we certainly appreciate the effort of those individuals initiating group buys for our T675 members. Your time is greatly appreciated. Group buys are an excellent way for our forum members to receive great products at great prices. The following is not intended to make your lives more difficult (although it may), but to help protect both our members and the group buy organizers.

I would encourage both the organizers and participants to read the following. Although the rules generally apply to the individuals initiating group buys, we also understand that there is a responsibility on the part of our forum members.

The following rules will be implemented on GB's to help safe guard our members.

1) General rules:
  • -- is not responsible for transactions that take place as a result of using this forum.
    -- Group buys should be conducted in a professional manner at all times. This includes answering forum member questions in a timely manner and keeping all participants up to date on GB status.
    -- Please do not litter GB posts with off-topic information.
    -- If you have an issue with a GB, please keep it off line and between you, a moderator, and the GB organizer. Together we can determine if information should be added to the forum area.
    -- No more than 2 open GBs by any one member (Unless approved) (Site Administrators also reserve the right to lower this to 1 GB per member if the need arises)
    -- 1 item per GB, unless those items go together
    -- Any forum member may initiate a "group buy". We realize some members may be providing "discounts" through their business and are these are not truly group buys, but they will be held to the same rules.
    -- Although everyone wants the best price, any action deemed as "undercutting" will not be allowed. The posting of duplicate group buys, by separate vendors/members/businesses will be frowned upon. We hope to avoid this by use of other rules posted here. Since there can be a grey area around this issue, we also reserve the right to make decisions on this topic as needed. (Note: Does not apply to those vendors sponsoring or paying to advertise on T675.Net. Any issues in regards to their GB's will be dealt with by the Admin(s).
    --PM'ing or privately contacting members to check for interest in a product, sometimes known as "spamming", will not be tolerated.

-- Individuals must give the forum sponsors/vendors a chance to become the GB supplier, if the vendor carries the product of interest. Be sure to PM the vendors about the possability of a GB. This does not mean you have to use the forum vendors. I also expect you to use companies your are familiar with or that you have shopped out. Once the member has compared prices, service, and product availability, it is up to them to choose the vendor for the GB.

(Note: If a forum vendor does not respond to your PM in 3 business days, you can disregard the above rule.)

2) Group buy approval: Yes, you need approval and we will begin enforcing this.
  • -- You will be required to get approval from a moderator prior to initiating a GB. This is solely intended to keep the moderators up to date on current activity and to make sure the intitial rules are followed. Please provide all the detail required in #3 below, when requesting approval.

3) Initial group buy posts:
  • -- Titles should reflect whether there is actually an ongoing GB, or simply gathering interest in a possible GB.
    -- Titles should also note if the item is for the 675, the Street Triple, or both.....when possible.
    -- Initial GB posts will contain the following information to help keep our forum members informed:
  • - Product along w/ description and photos (when possible)
    - Number of participants required to move the GB forward
    - Time/Duration in which the GB will be limited
    - Whether the product is in stock, or being ordered after GB lists and payments **
  • **If the product is not in stock, please indicate if payments are required prior to order & purchase
    ** If the product will be shipped directly to the GB participants or to the GB organizer and then distributed
  • - To whom payments should be made (example: to the GB organizer or to the product manufacturer...depending on the GB set-up)
    - How payments can/should be made (example: Paypal, direct deposit, credit card, check)
    - Intended method of shipping of products if possible (i.e. which shipping company / standard ground shipping)

4) "In progress" Group buys will be appropriately updated with the following information on a regular basis:

Primarily, this is about knowing how to use the forum!! Although this sounds simple, it is often overlooked. Keep the following in mind while conducting your GB:
  • -- updated list of participating forum members
    -- payment status of participating forum members
    -- product order status
    -- shipping status (example: should ship on / shipped as of)
    -- confirmed receipt of GB product
    -- Keep you thread titles updated to reflect status
    -- Bump threads to alert participants and other members regarding change in status, product availability, orders, etc.
- Note: No editing of the original post is allowed. In the event that information requires changes, do not edit the original post. Please use a new post to create a correction. Yes, threads may become long, but editing your post could be construed as changing the facts in the case of a dispute. * (you may make GB participant list changes as needed)

5) GB pricing rules:
  • -- The price of GB products are up the organizer and the dealer/manufacturer they are working with. We have no intent to set parameters around this subject.
    -- There are no restrictions or rules about placing the product prices in the GB thread. Prices can be given via the thread, PM, or e-mail.
    -- Prices are not to vary between forum members (example: one price for Joe, but slightly less for Bob).
    -- Prices sent to GB participants should be firm (example: no response of $130 "ish". It's either $130, or it's not)**

    ** Exception to note above: If the GB price is to be determined by the level of participation, you may give an initial $ amount. The amount must be followed by a statement indicating that the price is not final and will be determined based on the number of participants in the GB. In the event that the GB is determined by the level of participation, you may not collect money from forum members until the actual price has been established ( Yes, I understand this can be a pain to everyone involved, but I believe it is only fair. It either forces you to set an upfront price and/or number of participants in order to get the GB going).

    -- Sellers shall list the total product price & paypal fees separately. (when paypal is used as method of GB payment)

6) Group buy durations and closing:
  • -- durations on group buys should be specifically stated and all attempts should be made to keep them the listed time frames (Moderators have the right to limit duration if it is in the interest of the forum and GB area)
    -- Once the items in the GB have shipped, and receipt confirmed by participants, the thread should be closed. Please do not re-open the thread to start another group buy. You should create a whole new thread, even if it is the same product.
    -- Moderators may take liberty in deleting old group buy threads to keep the forum section clean and easy to read.

7) Forum members rules when participating in a GB.
  • -- Please do not litter GB posts with off-topic information.
    -- If you have an issue with a GB, please keep it off line and between you, a moderator, and the GB organizer. Together we can determine if information should be added to the forum area.
    -- If you are purchasing a product, you are expected to make payments in a timely manner.
    -- Please keep the GB organizer up to date on receipt of your products. This helps us insure that proper communication is happening between the organizer and you.

Please keep in mind that these rules exist to help everyone on the forum. Forum Admins and Moderators will deal w/ issues as needed and with any action they deem appropriate.
Contact an admin or mod if these rules are not clear:
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