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The trip from Steamboat to Draper was a bit of a cannonball. I had a plane ticket already for Sunday and I wanted to get a decent amount of time with my friend so I didn't stop and take many pictures. The ones I took were mostly on the gopro so I'll probably have to do that post from the laptop rather than the phone. I'm in bed now and don't feel like dragging out the laptop so this post is going to be an intermission of sorts. It's about something that was kind of bugging me the whole time.

I saw a lot of abandoned stuff. I don't know if it's a byproduct of normal economic processes, drugs gutting small towns, the interstate highway system, or what. I wish I'd taken more pictures of it. For every one I post here I probably saw twenty in real life.

Here they are in rough chronological order.

The phenomenon started in Georgia and carried pretty steadily through north Texas when I could no longer avoid interstates. Interestingly, when I got back off the interstate in Colorado, the small towns still seemed to be thriving.

Don't know if you can see it but this was "main street" in one town and almost everything was vacant.

Well, I thought I had more pictures of abandoned shit than this. Guess not. Maybe one day when I'm rich I'll do a trip where I just focus on that.

So here's one more pair of pictures of long straight roads going off to the horizon

Maybe the next post will be the Steamboat to Draper leg.

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