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I got my pair of K7 jeans a few days back just tried them on today and immediately emailed Laura (CS rep at Hood) to request a return. Though I'm impressed with the quality and price point the following bothered me:

1. Waist incorrectly sized even though I followed the directions on the companies website regarding measuring my current pair across the front and doubling the number. I emailed Laura asking if I should use the measuring method or just order the waist size listed on my Levi's, I was told to follow the measuring technique which clearly doesn't work for me since the jeans want to just fall to the ground when I put them on.

2. Extremely baggy fit which made me look like I was a fire fighter about to go into a burning building. Fit will be different for each person, but I'm a skinny guy and there is no way I would keep these.

Still a great product, and definitely a competitor to Lean Angles Jeans and other companies with offerings in this market segment. Unfortunately, not for me as I'm looking for something more fitted.

OP, thanks for at least making me aware of this company as well as others on this forum!
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