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I bought a pair of the K7 jeans some years back now. I'm still using them and the armour on the knees has worn a slight hole on the outside of the knee where the denim creases. Taking into consideration that during the biking weather here in the UK I use these daily and their age this is an observation rather than complaint. Certainly far better quality than the Red Route jeans I had before.

* Customer Service
* Quality
* Kevlar coverage seems to cover more than the majority of jeans (available here in the UK)
* Armour is generous compared to other jeans (available in UK) and in the places you'd need it

* The blue dye fades, noticeable after one wash
* I'm 6ft 3in and skinny, the jeans are baggy and certainly not "fitted"
* They are heavy compared with normal jeans and more so than the Red Route jeans I had before. They are warm in summer use, and possibly a bit heavy to wear all day. For this reason and the previous point I still end up changing out of them

The pair I have the waist measurement appears to have been overly generous. The leg length was spot on. Make sure when measuring up that you allow for your knee to be bent as when you are on the bike, otherwise if they are short the jeans will pull up your leg above your boot and end up annoying you. They have fit over my Gaerne and Aplinestars SMX6 boots fine.
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