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rebound damping screw loose ? hard rebound damping ?

got my forks back from the shop ... had the seals replaced.
now, after putting the bike back together, something is wrong ?

REBOUND damping is super hard
... it now has only 7 clicks of rebound damping adjustment available.
Before, it was set at 9 clicks out ... pretty sure it had much more than 9 clicks available
(how many clicks of rebound damping adjustment does a 2006 triumph 675 have ?)

In addition, the adjuster screw is "loose" .... I can pull it out and easily move it up and down ....
... was it always this way ? is it supposed to be ? See pics .... second pic is before removing forks ....
... first pic is after seal replacement - rebound adjuster screw can easily move up and down ...

Any idea what the mechanic did wrong ? can they fix it without removing the forks ?

Can I safely drive it on the freeway for 25 miles to take it to them ? ... or do i have to take the front end completely apart again ?

just saw this in mgfchapin's fork seal post:
". I know the factory manual says to fill to 72mm but the first time I changed my fork oil I filled to that level and the bike was un-ridable because the forks would hardly compress. I gradually took out fluid and it started to feel good again at 110mm. I have since learned that Dave Moss recommends a level of 110mm and Thermosman (the East Coast suspension guru and one of the heads of Ohlins USA) recommends 120mm in our forks."

this sounds like how my forks are behaving .... i can hardly compress them ...
.... the mechanic was told 115 mm ... I wonder what he set it at ...

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