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You'll be just fine racing CCS as an expert. As mentioned above it's far safer to race as an expert. Not so many crazies in those ranks.

General rule of thumb with most clubs is if you have an expert license with one you race as an expert with the rest.

The only way I let someone off on that is if they have taken a break from racing for >2 years or if they never raced that first year they had the expert license.

Besides, those MRA racers, can hold their own regardless of where they race. Just look at Rob Christman kicking tail in CA.

Originally Posted by bcmoore View Post
Congrats!! I just finished my second season with the MRA in Colorado. I finished this year high enough in the points in two different classes to be moved up to expert which I'm excited about... however, next year I'll only be doing a couple rounds out here in CO before I move to Virgina Beach where I hope to race with CCS.

So... I guess my question/concern is that I'll be coming in with an expert license and I assume I'll be able to get a CCS expert license but I'm concerned I might not be up to snuff with the CCS experts as it's hard to compare talent levels between two different clubs.

Would you recommend starting mid-season with CCS as an expert or "sand-bagging" it as a novice with CCS? What is required for Novices to make the jump to Expert in CCS?


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