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Originally Posted by Razvan Barcan View Post
Originally Posted by Brayumph View Post
Dang, I'm sorry to hear. Weird how it's affecting at such difference in mileage. I'm at 49k. It was running great until a few thousand miles ago. Sad to hear yours is doing this at 20.

So these past couple days I've been slowly pushing the bike faster and I've noticed these patterns almost every single time. When it's 0-3/bars(temp guage)it's super choppy in 1st like it's about to stall but once I've got it warmed up proper I rip up and down the road no problem. Anyway I'm gonna keep digging and continue to keep this post updated. Thank you!

Thank you. Please keep me posted if you find something. Today I checked the resistance on my CPS and it shows 230 Ohms. I know from other people that its normally at 200 Ohms. Could this be an issue?
I checked three of them recently, they were 219, 224, and 224 ohms. One of the 224 ohm CPSes was bad.
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