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Originally Posted by MadMel View Post
Forum user Far Canal has recommended this one that you'd have to splice in, which is way cheaper than buying a new stator / CPS. I've ordered a couple of them, but haven't used them yet. Personally, I haven't had great luck with the CPS from either OEM or aftermarket stator / CPS units. If your spare works, might as well use it. But I'd splice a new CPS onto the old one, and bring it to the track in case of emergency. All that is assuming that the CPS is actually the problem with your bike, of course.
Put the multimeter to both. One in bike currently clocked about 580,000 ohms. One in spare was about 500 ohms. I'm gonna go ahead and say it's bad lol.

That Ebay sensor is substantially cheaper than the Rick's, even for just the a lot. Rick's wants $75.

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