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Originally Posted by administrator View Post
Hey there,

What you can try doing, similar to what you presented above, is go to our site and block the site from your ad blocker.
Clear your browser cache and cookies, and give it another shot.

That seems to be a solid fix for many other members who have come across this issue.

To clarify, I was not able to get your suggested solution to work.
Perhaps I am misunderstanding what it means to "block the site ( from your ad blocker".
You're saying to whitelist, correct? Doesnt work for me.

What did work is tottenham's workaround below:

Originally Posted by tottenham12712 View Post
White listing doesnt work like that, You have to white list the main site thats loading domains. The list that is blocking verticalscope is EasyPrivacy:

You can either whitelist the whole of or disable the EasyPrivacy 3rd party filter. I would also say someone from verticalscope should be contacting easy privacy to get this resolved properly.

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