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Engine cut out, oil light on - 2013 daytona

This is a 2013 model. Wondering if anyone has any ideas, apologies for the long read. I was riding to work today, everything all fine but I did stall at a traffic light, seemed weird because I didn't do anything different at the time, anyway it started straight back up again.

About 5 minutes later there was a sudden loss in power for a split second, then it carried on. Same thing happened again, the engine management light came on, and then the bike just cut out. I pulled the clutch it and coasted to the side of the road. Tried to start it again, but it didn't even crank.

Now I look down, and the red oil light is on, but the clocks look weird. There is no gear indicator displaying, the oil light is on but the petrol and temperature meters are not displaying anything, almost as if the bike is in some sort of shutdown mode. I checked the oil at the side of the road, all was fine the right amount is in there.

After about 15 minutes of resting, the bike makes it usual starting up noises, and the clocks come back to life, petrol and temperature meters back on, oil light is off. I tried starting again, and all good (although took a lot of cranking and a bit of accelerator to turn over the first time.) Managed to get to work with no problems, but I'm concerned now. No EML being displayed at the moment.

Any ideas anyone? I've got a 5 hour ride tomorrow and I'm worried about it cutting out again. I've never used TuneECU before (new bike to me) but will it read previous codes, even though EML is not on at the moment?
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