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Coolant in Oil, More Damage Prevention Question

Hey guys. I’m new to Triumphs and now new to this forum. I did a search and didn’t find anything straight off. I’m picking up an 09 Daytona with coolant in the oil. I have been told by the PO that it is likely just a blown head gasket. I’m not counting on that, but I am assuming that is the best(cheapest) outcome. I won’t be tearing it down for at least a month, but I’d like to pull the old oil/coolant out of it today so that I can give it the best chance to not eat away the motor with the coolant in the oil. What is your suggestion to achieve the best possible outcome? I was planning to drain the oil/coolant and fill it with fresh oil in the motor and coolant/water in the radiator. I don’t plan on starting it to flush the fluid around because I think that may cause damage. I just want to put oil in the bottom end and remove the coolant. Does anyone have an opinion on what oil to put in? I don’t think it needs $10 a quart Lucas just to sit and not run. Thanks in advance.
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